Cookies Policy

1. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a device for storing and retrieving data from the terminal equipment (PC, laptop, telephone, or any other device) of a natural or legal person who uses, whether or not for professional reasons, a service provided by this responsible entity. Such cookies may not be used to launch programs, transfer viruses or damage the user’s terminal in any way.

Although the general term “Cookie” is used in this policy, since it is the main method of storing information used by this website, the browser’s “Local Storage” space is also used for the same purposes as Cookies. In this sense, all the information included in this section is equally applicable to this “Local Storage”.

2. What are Cookies used for on this website?

The set of “cookies” of my users helps me to improve the quality of my website, allowing me to control which pages are useful, which are not, and which are susceptible to improvement. Cookies are essential to improve the user’s browsing experience, providing advantages in the provision of interactive services, and facilitating the navigation and usability of our website.

The information collected in the Cookies also allows me to improve the website by estimating numbers and usage patterns, adapting the website to the individual interests of users, speeding up searches, etc.

3. What are Cookies NOT used for on this website?

I do not store sensitive, personally identifiable information such as your address, password, credit or debit card details, etc., in the Cookies I use.

4. How can I set or disable Cookies on this Web site?

Internet browsers are configured regularly to accept cookies. To prevent the use of cookies in your Internet browser, you can disable the use of cookies by going through the settings of your Internet browser and deleting cookies already set.

The help functions of your Internet browser tell you how to disable and delete cookies from your browser. Please note that deactivating/deleting cookies may cause individual functions of my website to no longer work as expected. In addition, disabling/deleting cookies only affects the Internet browser you are currently using. For other Internet browsers, the deactivation/deletion of cookies must be performed again. Cookies, which may be necessary for certain functions of my website, are shown below.

In addition, there are several ways to prevent the installation of certain cookies, either by selecting them in the banner or pop-up that we show you when you access our website, or individually for the relevant service provider whose tools we use for certain purposes.

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