Better than School Portraits.

When you think about school portraits, what comes to your mind?

stiff poses?
cheesy smiles?
outdated backgrounds?

Our children’s time in school is such a precious moment, you deserve to have photographs that reflect who they are, their smile and their light at every stage.

Children are unique and they all deserve to be respected, so I will never force them to smile if they don’t want to. They can be playful, shy, a bit silly, expressing themselves is what makes them unique and that’s what I love to capture.

And as a parent you deserve to have not just one, but a gallery full of photographs reflecting your child’s personality.

If you, like me, also get frustrated when receiving photos of your kid that don’t truly represent who they are, then this is for you.

This is for you if you…

Want to choose your own images

Want natural photos of your child.

Want digital images as well as prints

Want high quality prints and other boutique products.

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