Claudia Castillo

HI Friend! I’m Claudia a citizen of the world


Time is precious, and a session with me helps tame the fear of forgetting.

I know first-hand how precious and short life is, I met my soul mate and lost him in just 7 years. Yet, I can still remember his laugh when I look at his pictures. I can still feel his embrace when I reflect on our memories and I can teach our daughter who her daddy by the pictures that documented his amazing existence.

Pictures do that for my family, and I want to have the privilege to capture such memories for you.

I can document the true essence of your family. I pride myself in helping you store all the little details that make your family unique, so you have a keep sake that floods you with all those feelings every time you look at the images.

Claudia Castillo

5 Random Facts

1. Mom of an amazing woman trapped in a little girl’s body

3. Love the Outdoors—grounds me. Makes me realize how tiny we are and yet how were are all connected. We need to be connected to nature.

2. Have a passion for knitting & crocheting –it helps me relax and meditate

4. I was a Park Ranger in 7 different states in the US: FL, AZ, NM,WA, OR,CA, UT

5. Finished El Camino de Santiago in 33 days in 2012