A few weeks ago, I overheard two mums talking, and one was telling the other one she didn’t think now was the time for school portraits. It made me take a step back and wonder: when is the perfect time for school or family portrait? I understand where she’s coming from; COVID-19 has taken so much from us, so many lost lives, lost jobs, so much unforeseen change. The fear of losing even more, but, COVID-19 has also brought what is truly important for us to focus on. If anything, this pandemic has made it abundantly clear that we need to be present and enjoy even the simplest moments. To appreciate those around us, to practice self-care. These strange times will pass, and what we are going to be left with is our memories, and unfortunately, those will be gone too, so, let me ask you: What’s more permanent than a photograph? Something tangible to remind us of who we were, to remind us of how beautiful and unique our kids are, of how we felt during this crazy time, of all the imperfect moments. I urge you – please! don’t wait and get your photos taken by a professional photographer, whether it’s me or someone else but don’t wait, you never know what tomorrow might bring.